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Buying Tips for First Time Vapers

When it comes to vaping tips for beginners, it just makes sense to talk about what you need to know when buying your first vape. At North Vapes, we aim to provide you with insightful vape-related guides so that you will have a well-informed decision.

Understanding Vape Devices

When buying your first vape devices, it’s best to opt for a starter pack since it already has everything you need to enjoy vaping. When you want to shop around for more than just a beginner’s kit, it can be confusing when you encounter various terminologies about the devices. Don’t worry though, as below are some of the basic types of vaping units to learn.

  • E-cigarettes

Technically, electronic cigarettes look similar to ordinary cigarettes and only consist of one unit with battery, atomiser and nicotine cartridge. It’s a disposable device since you can’t refill it with eliquid. The term “e-cigarettes” and similar words are often used to mean vape pens and all other vaping units, especially in the press.

  • Vape pens or tube mod kits

These devices are basically ecigarettes but are refillable and rechargeable. They come in two or three parts i.e. a battery, a tank with atomiser, and sometimes with built-in mouthpiece or drip tube. 

  • Pod mod kits

These kits are often called all-in-one vape or JUULs. All the vaping mechanism is contained in one piece. They are small and highly portable, which means they can be conveniently carried in the pocket and purse. They’re popular among young vapers.

  • Box mod kits

From the name itself, this is a battery-operated box-shaped device that comes with temperature and wattage adjustment controls. This is the most common vape kit these days.

  • Mech mod kits

Mechanical mod kits are essentially homemade vaping units, and thus, are for advanced users. Beginner vape buyers are advised to avoid these kits, unless you’re well-versed in mechanical designs.

  • Squonk mod kits

These kits can be difficult for beginner vapers since they require changing the coils inside. However, they’re popular to those looking for an all-in-one solution since they usually come in large capacities, eliminating the need to bring a separate bottle for eliquid.

Understanding e-Liquids

Vape juices, also known as e-liquids, come in a variety of flavour for you to choose from. Take note though that the traditional ecigs are not refillable, and thus, you can’t have a customised vaping experience with them.

  • Nicotine strength

Take note of the nicotine strength in the eliquids you’re considering buying. If you’re not a chain smoker or you’re a beginner in smoking, it’s best to use vape juices with lower nicotine strength or even no nicotine. Too much nicotine inhalation can have adverse effect on your health and well-being. On the other hand, if the nicotine level is too low, you might be vaping a lot more than you should be.

  • Flavours

With many eliquid flavours available, it may take some testing before you can find ones that best suit your taste. You may have to ask your friends who are experienced in vaping or you can talk to vape shop suppliers and owners to help you know your options.

Which One is Best for Beginners?

The box mod kits are popular among many vape users due to their great flexibility in terms of wattage and temperature. Thus, this is perfect for beginners. However, there are many factors to consider, too. If you’re simply transitioning from normal cigarettes to the seemingly healthier vape units, then the ecigs and vape pens are great options since the experience closely resembles regular smoking. Moreover, if you want something discreet (and often stylish), the pods are perfect options.

Contact us here at North Vapes for more insightful vaping tips for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike.


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