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8 Tips to Safely Store Your Vape Juice | North Vapes

Storing vape juices is an essential step in the vaping process. Stored properly, it can keep its flavour and freshness for a long time. Storing improperly, it will lose its flavour and can even become a health risk.

Many vapers like to keep several different flavours on hand to be prepared for any situation. Here are some quick and easy steps to follow to ensure that your vape juice remains flavourful and potent even when it is not being used.

1. Vaping in high temperatures can damage your e-liquid

The e-liquids are made of several components, including some sensitive ones, both on the molecular and physical levels. The preservation of these particles within the liquid is essential for your vaping pleasure.

For example, if you have an extreme heat source, which doesn't always happen at room temperature, it may cause chemical reactions on the ingredients, giving your juice an awful smell or, worse: change their taste.

U.K Health Authority claims that an e-liquid can cause severe fire hazards and explosion risks if exposed to excessive heat and produce toxic fumes. When transporting your vape juice or if you have had an e-liquid leak, then you need to make sure it isn't left in the sun or through excessive heat.

2. Prevent from Light and Air

Keep e-liquids sealed from air and away from light. This will prevent them from changing colour and will help preserve the nicotine. When stored like this, they will retain normal coloration. Also, the nicotine that they contain will maintain its original potency.

E-liquid constituents deteriorate when they are oxidized. Because this does not affect the chemical make-up of the e-liquid, nicotine content gradually decreases over time.

Like chocolate, tobacco, and coffee, some types of flavours can be affected by oxidation. This means that they will have a change in colour to a darker shade. There is no way to stop oxidation from happening; some oxygen gets trapped in the e-liquid even if you fill it to the top. However, you can reduce the effects of oxidation by preventing it from light.

3. Avoid leaving them in your mailbox or vehicle

Do not leave your e-liquid in the mailbox, car, or other metal-enclosed space. The temperature of enclosed spaces can rise as high as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It will get as hot as an oven in about fifteen minutes.

If you leave your e-liquid in a container made of metal, it will turn into a bottle of molten streak instead of the delicious vegetable glycerin e-liquid it is supposed to be. Your bottle will never be useful again as an e-liquid and only serve as an air freshener. If you want to store your e-liquid correctly, keep it away from air and light.

4. Keeping them in the fridge

E-liquids should be stored in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and help reduce the chance of contamination. When exposed to air, E-liquids can oxidize and change in flavour and aroma. It is recommended that E-liquids are stored in a cool dark area away from direct sunlight.

Storing e-liquid in the freezer can have some consequences. First, the strength of the flavour could be reduced. Second, freezing might cause the liquid to thicken. Before using, it will need to thaw out at room temperature.

The optimum e-liquid storage temperature is 75 degrees F and under (for regular e-liquids) or 76 to 86 degrees F for high VG e-liquids. In my opinion, it is not safe to store e-liquid in a refrigerator at shallow temperatures because the cold temperature can cause condensation, low vapor production, and "gunking" of your tank when you vape on it.

5. Glass or plastic containers

Got a lot of e-liquid but not sure how to store it? If you plan to use it in the next few months, choose plastic bottles. For long-term storage, though, glass containers are best.

This is why Glass is a better choice for e-juice than plastic. Plastic can react with e-juice during any chemical reaction triggered by heat or air, which changes the flavour of your e-liquid and its taste. Glass bottles, on the other hand, reduce these chances and keep contact with air to a minimum.

6. Keep out of the reach of children and pets

It's essential to consider the safety of e-liquids when storing them. Although many brands come with childproof caps, these caps are not entirely safe.

E-liquids are toxic, so keep them away from your children and pets. Store e-liquids high up on shelves out of reach of curious kids and pets. E-juice is flammable when it comes in contact with an open flame, and it is poisonous if swallowed.

7. Short term storage

If you're planning to store your e-liquids for a shorter period, the best place will be in a high cupboard, away from pets and children and away from heat. Cupboards are generally dark, protecting the e-juice from light exposure too. Place your e-liquids in a spot that's not near an oven or heater.

Next time you're storing your e-liquid, try this trick. Squeeze the bottle first and then put the cap on. It helps squeeze out most of the air from the container. Then, tighten the lid tightly to keep air and moisture out.

8. Long term storage

E-liquids must be stored properly to last. Many of us who vape want to buy the liquids in bulk and store them. To do this properly, you must use the right techniques. The lifespan of a typical e-liquid is supposed to be about two years. However, if it's mishandled, it cannot go well sooner.

It would be best to use larger bottles that are darker in colour. This will help preserve the liquid and protect it from light. Glass also lasts much longer than plastic, so glass containers are optimal for long-term storage. Don't let any air inside the bottles to prevent oxidation. For long-term storage, Glass is a better option than plastic containers.


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