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Studies that Suggest Vaping is Safe | North Vapes

Most people write e-cig articles without having any real knowledge of the topic. They often claim that e-cigs are as dangerous as smoking. However, they neglect to mention that nicotine levels in passive exposure are ten times lower than those from cigarettes.

Furthermore, e-cigarettes have been proven to be healthier than traditional cigarettes. E-cigs produce less smoke, be used to quit smoking, are free of chemicals, and even save lives.

1. Smoking has adverse effects on the heart, but e-cigarettes have no sign of disturbances:

A study by Dr. Farsalinos showed how e-cigarettes are safer than traditional tobacco ones. Dr. Farsalinos is a well-known industry specialist in Greece. He conducted a study in 2011 and 2012 that concluded e-cigarettes were safe for heart health.

In this scientific experiment, scientists tested the hearts of smokers and vapers. Smokers experienced decreased heart function in one part of their heart, but vapers' hearts were unaffected. The study concluded that vaping is safe.

2. With vaping, your exposure to formaldehyde is reduced by 32%:

When the New England Journal of Medicine studied the effects of vaping, it revealed that e-cigarettes produce formaldehyde. However, Dr. Farsalinos, a world-renowned expert in vaping research, proved this wrong with another study.

There is no evidence that vaping is harmful if the atomizer doesn't burn. However, if your liquid burns, you might want to look into a smaller-diameter tank with a shorter air path — they have become popular since the NEJM study.

3. Is the electronic cigarette a viable option to help smokers quit?

There is no clear answer as to whether or not e-cigarettes are a better alternative to traditional smoking. E-cigarettes have been the subject of many recent debates. Scientists have conducted studies but haven't found any concrete evidence proving that they help people quit.

While a study conducted by the US Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health (PATH) in 2014-15 showed that e-cigarettes are beneficial for smokers trying to quit, various researchers have found quitting smoking e-cigarette is about as useful as quitting with a nicotine patch.

4. The levels of chemicals in electronic cigarettes are small compared to traditional cigarettes:

A study from researchers at Johns Hopkins, published in 2014 and conducted by Igor Burstyn, examined the chemicals produced by e-cigarettes for bystanders and the people using them. Even though contaminants exceeded permissible limits, the exposure was ten times less than that of traditional cigarettes. This is proof that people need to be more concerned about the chemicals that are in e-liquid.

5. E-cigarettes: Tobacco-free Vaping:

The Royal College of Physicians conducted a study about e-cigarettes and smoking. The study explains in depth the dangers of smoking and how e-cigarettes can help people quit. According to a recent university study, retailers should aggressively promote e-cigarettes to eliminate smoking habits in the UK.

6. E-cigarettes can help you kick your cravings:

A Cochrane review of controlled trials does mention that e-cigarettes help smokers quit smoking. The research of two trials concluded that e-cigarettes help people stay away from smoking.

The study shows that concerning using a placebo, "abstinence from smoking" lasted up to six months or even longer. None of the studies identified any severe health effects associated with vaping for up to two years.

7. The Impact of E-Cigarettes on Consumers and the Environment:

It wasn't until this study that finally answered how much e-cigarette use affects bystanders who are nearby. Scientists conducted a 5-vaper experiment in a controlled setting where they found no significant change in the levels of chemicals found in second-hand smoke. The trial was also published in the respected journal, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

8. People with asthma can reduce their symptoms using e-cigarettes:

If you have asthma, it's essential to control it. But if you're a former smoker, it might be hard to quit nicotine cold turkey. A recent study shows that e-cigs can help people living with asthma eliminate cigarettes.

In this study, two participants switched from smoking to vaping. After the switch, their asthma control, airway hyperresponsiveness, and lung functioning had improved. The researchers believe that e-cigarettes should be recommended to patients who cannot or will not quit smoking.

9. Is the metal from e-cigarettes harmful to our health?

Dr. Farsalinos and colleagues conducted a risk-assessment analysis to study the effects of metals on smokers' health by switching to vapes. When asked if e-cigarettes are causing significant harm to non-smokers, this was his response.

For smokers who have switched to vaping, they are much better off. However, if someone is not a smoker, they should stay that way.

10. Consequences of Getting addicted to E-Cigarettes:

If used too much, anything can be dangerous. Vaping is no different. It is a safe alternative, but its misuse can have consequences for the user. Studies from the UK demonstrate that youth vaping is a real problem.

Surveys conducted over three years from 2015 to 2017 include two surveys from Action on Smoking and Health, surveys from the Youth Tobacco Policy Survey, and schools in Wales and Scotland. The surveys show that most young people do not vape regularly or feel addicted to it. However, the effects of vaping on the UK would be mitigated by the fact that there are relaxed laws about this in the UK.

11. Daily Use of E-cigarettes is a Health Risk:

For three and a half years, researchers followed the health of vapers. They found that vapers never smoked cigarettes but had comparable heart rates to a group of non-vapers.

The results of a recent study discovered no harm caused by vaping over vapers' health as bystanders' or never-smokers' health. However, the researchers did assert that harm may occur at some point as a result of long-term use.

End Notes:

After a thorough investigation and analysis done by leading experts in the field, the results are straightforward: you can use an e-cigarette to quit smoking. Comparatively, e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes. As proved by research, they are also a brilliant replacement for smokers who have asthma. If you're trying to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes are the best way to succeed. According to research, they're 95% safer than regular cigarettes.


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